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The aim of this section is to provide the musician and the serious student in general with transcriptions and lessons. These examples range from easy to more complex ones. They are all written in standard notation and tablature. The understanding of basic musical terms is recommended.

Some of the material is copyrighted. It can only be used after purchase.Didactics_files/Amin%20pentatonisch.pdf



An excerpt of my study about chord voicings with open strings is available here. Please, contact me if you wish to purchase the whole book. The price is 15 Euro.

Free lessons

Amin pentatonic patternsDidactics_files/Amin%20pentatonisch_1.pdf
Dmin pentatonic positionsDidactics_files/D%20min%20Pentatonisch.pdf
Emin pentatonic patterns pos. IDidactics_files/Patronen%20E%20penta.pdf
Common positions Major, minor and dominant chords (in D & C)Didactics_files/posities%20van%20majeur,%20mineur%20en%20dominant%20akkoorden.pdf
Common Maj7, min7, Dominant chords (in G & C) Didactics_files/Septiem%20akkorden%20in%20G%20en%20C.pdf
Arpegios in G major tonality (pos. I)Didactics_files/G%20maj%20arpeggios.pdf
C Maj7 chords & extensions (root position) Didactics_files/C%20major%207%20chords.pdf
Douce Dame JolieDidactics_files/douce.pdf
Scarborough FairDidactics_files/Scarborough%20Fair.pdf

A harmonical arrangement of “All the things you are”. Please, contact me for more information.

Sound of SilenceDidactics_files/Sound%20of%20silence%20barre.pdf
Bille Jean Intro (bass & guitar together)Didactics_files/Riff%20Billie%20jean%21.pdf